For the hetersexual male retiree who comes to Cambodia alone finding a Cambodian girlfriend or Cambodian wife is the most important item on the agenda and of interest to the man.

Retiree's come to Philippines and Thailand and Cambodia to retire because it is affordable, because of the climate which is more forgiving than the North American or European harsh winters, because of the availability of good healthcare facilities, because of the delicious foods and for other reasons.

But the "Key" reason male retiree's come to Thailand and Philippines and Cambodia is because of the beautiful ladies and ladies who do not mind being with a mature man who is 10-40 years her senior.
Whether you like it or not .. IT WORKS!!!

Men get the attention they desire and crave, the loving they have been without and the ladies get stability, help in raising their children, financial assistance when required for family members particularly mom and dad as it is the daughter's responsibility to care for her parents.

In Thailand one can see a gorgeous Thai lady holding on to the arm of a 65 year old foreign male and she looks happy as can be and so does he. And that is what matters.

The opinions of people outside of Thailand and Philippines and Cambodia doesn't matter one ioda for after working all of our lives and ending up divorced, or separated we do not want to live our so called Golden Years alone and lonely. And this is from someone who is a retiree from North America. The Key to happiness for male foreign retiree is finding a nice girlfriend.

And the girlfriend will cost him some money in terms of food, clothing, financial assistance to her, her children and family and in reality after you take that into consideration and the fact that she is likely doing the cooking, cleaning, acting as nurse, lover to the man the net cost is next to nothing.

And the benefits versus bar fining are:

- will not catch sexual disease - someone will be there in the morning next to you when you wake up - delicious local cuisine and you are likely to be more fit and healthier due to being more active and as a result of eating more fruits, vegetables and less meat - you will not become an alcoholic with a nice Asian girlfriend - and the financial cost is much less by comparison.

For retiree's that want to meet a Cambodian or Vietnamese lady we would recommend a smaller massage as a good place to look for the right girl.

The massage is very cheap and you want to get to know the girl and you can even ask for an outcall massage.


Massage girls earn very little and are not spoiled financially or burnt out sexually. They wear little or no makeup and do not have tatoo's and are much more sincere than a common bar girl.

A bar girl who has worked in the bar a long time and had many sexual encounters and foreigner boyfriends and who knows how to take advantage of you financially.

A massage girl will tend to be shy and will appreciate your generosity, and your kindness.

In Thailand we recommend visiting massage parlors to find a Thai girlfriend and we suggest the massage parlors which you would be most successful, how and when to go about it.

In Cambodia massages are plentiful and it is a matter of finding the right girl/lady for you, and knowing how to go about it.

Not knowing the language will present a problem for you and you may need another girl working at the massage to handle some communications and translations for you if you find a girl you like.

And finding the right massage establishment will increase your chances also as a masseuse that has very good earnings will not be as interested. We explain to our clients the best places for a massage and how to go about it.

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There is a technique we recommend that will work and increase your chances of finding an attractive girl for you. Often the massage has at least one girl that speaks English reasonably well and sometimes she is the manager.
In Siem Reap the city we think is the best retirement city in Cambodia there are many massages, many attractive ladies, but few bars and no introduction services. And we feel that combination is the best for retiree's.

It keeps you from wasting your time and money in bars, and reduces your costs for finding a girlfriend if you thought of using an introduction service and with the large number of massage establishments there is no shortage or girls who want a nice man for marriage or long term relationship.

The question is "Where and How do I find a nice looking, sincere Girlfriend"

If one finds an insincere girlfriend she will cost you alot of money, get on your nerves, and bring you anything but happiness.

If one finds the right girlfriend one will asking himself why he did not come here 10 years sooner.

At Retire-on-650 we realize that our male clients are looking for nice Cambodian and Vietnamese ladies with whom to enjoy their retirement years. And that their happiness depends on finding not only a sincere girlfriend but finding one quickly.

We offer advice as to Cambodian culture and family culture and explain relationships between foreigners and Cambodian ladies.

We have discovered another way to meet nice Cambodian ladies which is better than visiting many massage places thus making it faster and costing less. This method will be explained to our new clients and it is the best method for finding a gf/wife.



As you can see the gate is closed and the price has gone up from 5k to 7k for 1 hr which is less than $ 2 US.

With gate open there is a private a/c room and about 5 masseuses and if you want nice low cost massge this is it in Phnom Penh.


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