Three girls that work at massage who I invited to late dinner (after 11:30 pm) to Zone One. One has a foreigner boyfriend who lives in Australia.




I visited many, many massage to find out if these girls are interested in marrying foreign men, and to find out how much they earn and how they live.

My first girlfriend

My second girlfriend

My current wife


Girl who is from Poipet, and we paid for transportation for her and her chaperone Aunt to come to Siem Reap by bus. When here we bought her some clothing, and a meal, and we had to pay the lady that helps us locate good girls/ladies for our clients.

She is in her early twenties, does not speak English, and has one child.

We understand that most of our retire clients are men who are on their own who do not want to live out their retirement life alone and need a girlfriend or wife. Our service looks for the right lady for the our male clients based on man's age, whether they want children now or in the future, and based on his personality and character.

When we locate a suitable lady we introduce them to each other and host a dinner with chaperone/translator and an outing to man made lake and again with chaperone/translator.

Photos-George-and-friends-in-Siem-ReapBoat available which can take you around the lake if you want. Food and drink ordered in covered setting by the lake and is delivered to you.

And as Cambodian girls/ladies like it here and it is quiet and relaxing it makes for an excellent place to get to know the girl/lady you think best for you.

Marriage customs are explained to our clients and that ladies do not want foreign men as boyfriends and instead want to get married in order to save face in their community and with their parents even if the marriage is not recognized by the Cambodian government.

Our service can arrange the wedding party and keep costs to a minimum and also advise clients on what is required and how best to make a good impression with her family as their acceptance is vital.

Finding the right partner is essential to a happy and affordable retirement in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

We search out suitable girls/ladies on our own, and also employ the help of a tuk tuk driver and a lady who has many contacts and has assisted us in the past with Cambodian girls from Siem Reap and from outside of Siem Reap as well.

As we locate more eligible ladies we will post their photo's and some bio information about them on this page.


Mom Emhas two children and lives 30 km.fromSiem Reap.

Nymoul lives in Siem Reap and can speak English.

Anetis 24 yr of age and is working in PhnomPenh but mother lives in Siem Reap


Sen Chan Ton is an attractive 35yr old with great smile and works and lives in SiemReap. Never married and does no thaveany children.

For the single male retiree who does not need regular hospital visits then Siem Reap, Cambodia is our recommended retirement

destination and recommended over Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Chiang Mai has proven popular with our clients for over 6 years. A small tourist town where many people speak some English, easy to get around, costs are low, many healthcare facilities, safe and many things to do and also attractive Thai ladies for those searching for female partner.

We have moved our head office to Siem Reap, Cambodia as we see it as becoming more popular than Chiang Mai for our retire clients. And the main reasons for our saying this are as follows:

Much easier to get long term visa
Can work in Cambodia without special permits
The Cambodian ladies are less spoiled than their Thai counterparts
The cost of living is less for comparable accommodations and living amenities

For the single male retiree who is looking for a nice, long term partner Siem Reap is the place to go. For married couples or single ladies we think Chiang Mai has the edge right now.

IF you have not visited Cambodia before it is simple to get there from Bangkok and the costs of a nice room with lcd tv, and breakfast and wifi is only $7 US a night.

And easy to get to Chiang Mai, Thailand from Siem Reap, Cambodia. VIP bus to Bangkok and VIP bus to Chiang Mai is both relaxing with chance to catch some scenery on the way.

Once you have moved somewhere it is difficult and costly to pick up one's belongings and move again somewhere else. So we suggest visiting Siem Reap first and then Chiang Mai and we will recommend transportation to you, as well as low cost hotels and then you can decide which city is best for you to retire to.. Chiang Mai or Siem Reap.

A small investment..
an enjoyable visit to Siem Reap, Cambodia
may be the smartest retirement move you make

I lived in Chiang Mai for more than 7 years and now I am happily retired in Siem Reap - "says George - founder of retire-on concept"
Take some tips from someone who has "been there.. done that.. and knows which is best"

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