We have clients from around the world who want to retire affordably to a destination where they can live comfortably, safely with access to good healthcare facilities, and away from the freezing winter weather.

In 2006 website was created out of our enthusiasm for Chiang Mai, Thailand and the wonderful life that a retiree can live there comfortably, safely and affordably.

Retire-on-550 became the first retirement service in Chiang Mai and has become the largest and most complete retirement service in Chiang Mai and in all of Thailand.

More and more of the so-called "Baby Boomers" who were born in the 1950's are now reaching retirement age and discovering that they do not have the savings or pension to be able to retire comfortably in their home country.

Either prices have gone up or expected retirement savings or not available.

So we now have people who are in their 60's and who believe that they have to keep working and most do not realize that they have an alternative and a good one at that. Retire to Thailand or Philippines or Cambodia and your family can visit you and take in an enjoyable vacation to an exotic country.
For singles be it male or female or couples Thailand and Philippines have proven themselves to be the best choices in retirement destinations in the world. Cambodia is yet unknown to many but for those who have visited or who have retired there it has proven to be a wise decision.

Chiang Mai, Thailand one hour north of Bangkok with a cooler climate, less traffic and lower costs has become the most popular retirement destination in Thailand and in all of S.E. Asia. Philippines is a close second with the many pristine beaches. Cambodia has new roads, infratuscture, beaches and advantages over both Thailand and Philippines that many are not aware of.

Retire-on-550 has assisted clients to retire to Chiang Mai, Thailand from offering the best visa options and advice, providing acommodations, showing clients how to live here comfortably and affordably, and even helping male clients find sincere Thai females with whom to share their lives.

The same services are available in Cebu, Philippines and in Cambodia.

And Our Service Works!!!!

Clients visit Chiang Mai, Cebu or Cambodia and stay between 1 week to 3 months to decide if they like that retirement destination. We offer retirement advice, accommodations, tours by way of our sister sites.

And before our clients have reached the airport for their return trip home they often have decided to return to retire in the destination that they visited, and some clients put forward their originally planned retirement date.

Our clients have varying pensions, different levels of savings, and are single men, single ladies, families, and couples and all benefit from our experience, advice and tips.

The goal is to make sure people know their visa options and select the best option for themselves and/or families, that they get the best accommodations in terms of having all the amenities they want and need and which falls within their housing budget, and to have them live happily and affordably in a new country.

Each retirement destination has some advantages and disadvantages and we explain these to our clients. Once person may dislike Cebu, and another may never want to leave there and that goes for Chiang Mai and Cambodia.

We all want affordability, safety, with prompt access to world class healthcare and we all want to be happy, but after that it comes down to personal tastes be it proximity to beach, climate, things to do and other factors.

Retire-on-550 has expanded and is now offering similar services to retiree's interested in retiring to the Philippines or Cambodia or Thailand. Websites have been created specifically to offer information, advice, tips and assistance in helping you move to the Philippines.

And now we have helping people retire to Cambodia. The newest and hottest retirement destination in the entire world. Find out why we consider it better than Thailand and Philippines.

Retire on $550 US a month to Chiang Mai, Thailand
Retire on $650 US a month to Cambodia
Retire on $750 US a month to Cebu, Philippines

If you are worrying now about not having the money then Stop Worrying and Start Planning on retiring to Thailand, Philippines, or Cambodia.

If you are in your sixties and flipping hamburgs at McDonalds or working as a greeter at WalMart go to your boss or supervisor and tell them what they can do with your job.

Just Imagine.. beaches, warm weather, many things to do, affordable retirement living, delicious fruits and foods, friendly local people and for the single male .. a lovely sincere girlfriend.

One of our first clients told us the following..

"IF I had known about Chiang Mai 10 years sooner, I would have come here 10 years sooner."
He still holds the record.. a beautfiul girlfriend in 2 days.. and they are still together and happy after more than 5 years together.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you retire happily and affordably be it in Chiang Mai, Thailand or in Cebu, Philippines or in Cambodia... the 2 most popular retirement destinations in S.E. Asia plus the newest and hottest retirement destination in S.E. Asia.

Three Affordable Retirement Destinations and One Full Service helping you decide which is "best for you"

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Thailand or Cambodia ?

get all the info and then decide which is best for you

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