Siem Reap has many places for nightlife from bars with and without music, bars with live bands, movie theatres, live performances, massage and bars which foreigners rarely visit as they do not know of them.

Night Life

The city is growing and keeps getting better and in the process is offering more to do from great shopping bargains, live entertainment, great variety of restaurants with delicious affordable meals and drinks.

Places for adults and places for families with children like carnival, new trailer park shopping, Angkor Dynasty theatre and pool for adults and children, new malls with play centers for children with electronic games and much more.

Tourists love Pub Street with many massage, many restaurants in close proximity of one another so easy to take a stroll and decide on what type of food and where to have lunch or dinner.

And often tourists will dine in Pub Street area every day. Some come by for lunch but almost all come by about 5 pm and do some shopping at local shops, get foot massage or full body massage or spa, and then decide on where they want to dine. And there and many, many types of foods to select from and all affordable and delicious.

But those people who live in Siem Reap know the places outside of Pub Street city centre.

Pub Street has become crowded and many tourists are coming to Siem Reap year around so the city is creating new places to shop and dine. A huge new convention centre, Angkor Dynasty pool and theatre for children and families has recently been completed, new trailer parks with entertainment, restaurants and shopping have just opened and more specialty coffee shops, boutique shops, and even malls with separate children’s area with electronic games.

Red PianoSo many things to do for single person or couples or families with children.

There are bars with live music, pool tables, large screens with soccer, football, rugby, baseball and hockey games and many places to relax and have a refreshing drink.

Many great places for nightlife outside of Pub Street and within a few minutes of city centre but often tourists and even foreigners retiring here are not aware of these places.

Pub Street Siem ReapOnce you visit you will see for yourself why people love Siem Reap and often return and those who are looking for a retirement destination fall in love with Siem Reap.

We will be adding videos showing nightlife from music, entertainment, places to visit in Siem Reap. 

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