Retiring anywhere in the world takes research and thought and weighing the pro's and con's.

Most people have a set pension and savings to live from during their retirement. And affordability becomes the number one issue for them.

Once one locates places in the world where one can retire can affordability then other concerns come into play such as healthcare availability and costs, safety, infrastructure.

And for most single males a girlfriend with whom they can share their retirement.

Believe it or not the girlfriend has taken the top place in order of prioritizing pro's and con's for the single male.

So with that in mind let's look at the decision process in this manner..
- for the single male who doesn't intend to live his retirement lonely and alone he has to find a place to retire to that has available and hopefully attractive ladies who he could meet

- for the single female this is important as well as well as meeting new friends based on what our female clients tell us and they also tell us that they have no intention of being lonely during their golden years

- next safety as we all want to live somewhere where we can go out and no worry about being robbed or having our personal possessions stolen

- affordability is on most people's minds and we do not want the cheapest place in the world to live but somewhere where we can have the creature comforts we have grown accustomed to be it cable tv, hi speed internet, proximity to shopping and comfortable accommodations

- prompt access to healthcare specialist and healthcare affordability

- climate .. not too hot.. not too cold

And these are the most important factors weighing in one's decision as to where in the world to retire.

The pro's of retiring to Cambodia are low costs therefore affordable, infrastructure is often new such as roads, bridges, and that applies to accommodations as well, easy access to long term visa.

And the fact that there are lovely Cambodia and Vietnamese ladies who are looking for foreigners and retiree's for long term relationships makes it a popular retirement destination. In fact we feel that Cambodia within the next 5 years will overtake both Philippines and Thailand as the top retirement destination in S.E. Asia.

Cambodia offers easy access to Thailand and Philippines if one wants to visit or even try other retirement locations and compare and then decide which they prefer best.

There are 2 places in Cambodia where we personally see as being good for foreigners for retirement living.

One is Siem Reap which is small and friendly and which compares to Chiang Mai.. but in our opinion it is much better.

Another place to retire is Sihanoukville which is the beach resort style of living from average beaches to pristine beaches.

Find out the pro's and con's of each location and retirement country and then decide which suits you best.

What is important to one person may not be important to you so base your decision on what you need to keep you happy.


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