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For foreigners who are over 50 years of age and planning on living in Thailand or Cambodia long term and interested in a girlfriend or wife this is the way it is.

In Thailand the girlfriend or wife will want you to buy her a house. After all if you live together for years and something happens to you what will she have to show for the years she devoted to you? So fair is fair, and buying her a house .. in Her Name.. is what Western men often do.

And if it all works out then fine. But if you get bored of each other, if you have the inclination to cheat, or drink to excess, or run short of monies then you are in real trouble.

Bottom line if you have monies and can afford $30k on upwards for a small house which will keep your girlfriend or wife happy then that is fine and you can go that direction if you want. But if you stray now and then be prepared to get kicked out. And marriages in Thailand are legally binding.

We know of many Westerners who have Thai gf or Thai wife and are very happy. And we know some that cheat on the side and will get caught, and we know of some where it has not worked out.

Most of the time it works.. Why?

Because the Western men coming to Thailand have been without attention and companionship for some time and jump at first Thai lady they meet AND often it works.

They normally meet the Thai gf or wife at a massage parlor. A few men meet their gf or wife at a bar and that is not nearly as good as massage. And those that meet the love of their life at an escort service then all we can say is, you must be really desperate.

The cost of a Thai gf or wife besides perhaps buying her a house or car will run about $300 to over a $1000 a month depending on how much money you threw around when you first met. If you show off and spend too much at the outset it will cost you down the road.


How does this compare to Cambodia which is nearby and very similar to Thailand in terms of cost of living and foods?


Well, we think Cambodia is not better but much better in most aspects of the wife or girlfriend relationship. Why?

First of all if you are over 50 years of age you are not legally marry a Cambodian lady. Often there is a ceremony and reception, photos etc but done for appearance sake and the Government does not approve of these fake marriages.

But that works in the foreigners favor as they do not to risk losing some or most of their assets if the marriage does not work out.

In Cambodia you will not be asked to buy your gf or wife a house, at most a motorbike. So a large outlay is not required after you get married and the marriages are downright cheap if you follow our advice and tips.

Most of the Cambodian girls/ladies do not speak English or speak English well but there are many schools in Cambodia that will teach them and teach them quickly for around $12 a month. And surprisingly they learn the language and can speak well enough in 2-3 months of p/t schooling.

So in terms of risking one’s assets Cambodia is better for relationships.

In terms of finding someone who is not as spoiled as Thai women Cambodia is better as if you have ever had a Thai gf that has been with a foreigner then they know how to get money out of you.

The process of finding a Thai gf likely involves hitting many massage and that takes time and costs money. Hitting the bars is much worse. And those people who try Dating and Introduction Services often do not find a good service as spend hundreds of thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it.

There are a few good Dating and Introduction Services from the hundreds of hours we have dedicated to researching them out. There are many that are scams.

We recommend just one such service and it is called.. The banner is below so just click on it to visit. It is the best service in terms being in business for a long time, not changing their name or being bought out and in providing a full service of dating and introductions, correspondence and even tours.

The best way is to write to a few ladies and understand them and their culture. And then visit them in their country and country where you expect to retire to.

We recommend Cambodia over Thailand as the best place to retire to for Westerners.

Most of our clients are men who are on their own and want and need attention, and companionship and someone to share their retirement life with.

If one goes to Thailand then be prepared to buy a house for her in her name, be prepared to get married if you are eligible and be prepared to risk some or most of your assets if things do not work out.

If one goes to Cambodia one can get married.. but we think that is not necessary and explain why to our clients. Also we have a quick and efficient way of finding a gf or wife in Cambodia. We have a translator on hand and can help anyone find a very nice Cambodian lady in a few days.

After trying various methods we have discovered the best way.. the way that Works!

And it cuts the costs from thousands of dollars to find a gf or wife to hundreds of dollars. And in terms of time instead of spending months searching out the massage in Cambodia you will have found a nice match in a few days time.

We have never seen anyone promote this method. We do not see anyone writing about it.

But believe me we have tried it and it works.


When you move to Thailand or Cambodia you want someone to take out to dinner, to go places with and someone who can help you learn the customs and language. And if you are visiting massage you will be alone in the evening and during the day as the girls work about from noon to about 2 in the morning.

We have discovered how to meet someone and to have them available to go out with you.

And these girls will not expect a house or car from you.


After living in both Thailand and Cambodia and doing what most newbies do when they first arrive, and then learning better ways we found the best way to find a nice girlfriend or wife and we know Cambodia is much better than Thailand in this regards.


Our Best Advice to those intending to visit Asia and want a nice girlfriend or wife.

1/ Go with a good Dating and Introduction Service. Do not send the girls you write to any monies.

2/ Avoid the bars if you want a nice gf or wife.

3/ You can try the massage parlors but many of the girls have boyfriends and husbands and children and it will take you a long time, and cost you plenty of money to find someone.

4/ Go for Cambodia over Thailand in terms of cost, preserving your wealth, and in terms of finding someone nice quickly.

And these are photo’s of some of my girlfriends..

Pha Ry
Thai Girlfriend
Thai Girlfriend
Thai GF

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