There are only a few bars that in downtown Siem Reap that Westerners are accustomed to with pool table, a few girls, screen with sports.
What majority of foreigners do not know ..
is that Siem Reap has many Hostess Bars. They are located north of Nat Rd 6 and also at the east end of the city. About 25 hostess bars and each has about 8-16 girls working there and most are attractive.
How does it work? What does it cost?
The costs are very low if you know what you are doing. And by that we mean do not order meals that the girls may or not eat but for which they earn commission, stay away from karaoke and limit the number of drinks you have.
The girls are seated on benches when you enter the hostess bar. Normally 8-16 girls and most are attractive and things generally get started at 6-6:30 pm and finish up at about 1:30 am.
You can enter and there are normally separate rooms or areas where you can site and get some privacy. You can drink alone or come with some friends be it male of female and often there is some music and a large screen with sports.
For Westerners who are alone you can select a young lady or several young ladies and they will site you you and for each drink you have they will have a drink and you pay for the drinks, and pay the girls.
But the prices are affordable if not downright cheap.
The video on this page is a smaller hostess bar and the video was taken before all the girls arrived. But it shows some of the girls which are attractive, the manager explains that they have Spy which are wine coolers and the prices are $1.50 for a wine cooler which is a bargain and $1.50 to the girl you pick when you are leaving which again  is a bargain.
Most of the girls do not speak English so good to bring a friend to translate who can speak Khmer or bring you touk touk driver.
And some of the girls can be taken out. From what I understand the bar fine at most places is $5 and some of the girls will do more than drink with you if you catch the drift. Some will and some won't and you have to find that out yourself by talking with them.
Generally the experience is a good one. You have the companionship of an attractive Khmer lady, take in some chilled alcoholic or even non alcoholic drinks. If you think you are a good singer most hostess bars have karaoke rooms and the girls enjoy singing. And chill out and listen to music, watch big screen tv and a chance to meet an attractive Khmer girl or girls.
As I mentioned earlier most Westerners do not know of these bars as they are located a few minutes from downtown Siem Reap. Many are located on Khmer pub street and that is the name of the street.
Low cost drinks and affordable hostesses.
These are not bar girls that go out with customers every night but rather girls that need income and some fool around some do not.
Fun to find out and you could be pleasantly surprised.
We will add a few more videos and photos in the near future so you get a good idea of how it works and that one can really have fun. It works best if you have 2-3 men and pick 2-3 ladies and have a translator.
More fun that a common bar.

photos of some clients at a hostess bar having fun
photos of some clients at a hostess bar having fun
photos of some clients at a hostess bar having fun
photos of some clients at a hostess bar having fun
photos of some clients at a hostess bar having fun
photos of some clients at a hostess bar having fun

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