Most popular evening itinerary:

Dinner at Pub Street – we discuss evening itinerary and take in delicious meal in heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia which is popular year around tourist destination.

Touk Touk tour – the best nightlife is not in heart of city. We show you best massage, and best places to meet ladies.

We will meet 6-10 Khmer ladies and have refreshments be it alcohol or soft drinks or fruit juices. A translator will be on hand as most ladies do not speak English. If you want our staff will take photo’s which you can keep as keepsake to remember your trip and to share with your friends.

And our translator will try to get photo and phone number and email address if the ladies you are most interested in so that you can continue to meet them or correspond with them and develop and long lasting relationship.

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Some of the massages you can visit.

We will take you to best low cost massage where you can relax and discover places that tourists do not know of.

We will finish off the evening with music and snack downtown with refreshments.

Most popular daytime itinerary:

Visit Borei Lake (manmade reservoir – lake side setting) as a couple with lady friend you have met or in a small group of several men and several ladies.

Open air covered setting with mats to lay down and hammocks with view of lake side setting. Simply relax with your new friends or take short boat cruise of small lake.

Locally prepared meal and refreshments and fresh fruits are served.

Relax, have fun, get to know your new friends in comfortable setting.

Transportation, translator, hut, meals, drinks, boat cruise all included.

Great chance to meet and get to know someone and for photo opportunities which you will treasure.

K&V Tours

If you are interested in a fact finding fun tour or simply a great vacation..
Simply e-mail us at

And let us know when you intend to visit or if you are flexible with dates.

IF you like it in Siem Reap we can arrange long term accommodations viewing, and you can get information about visa, etc. from our staff as well as meet Westerners who live here long term.

K&V Tours

K&V Tours

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K&V Tours

K&V Tours

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