The main means of transportation in Siem Reap, Cambodia are the motorbike, bicycle, and touk touk's.

For tourists sitting in back of a motorbike taxi or using a touk touk which is a separate sitting area pulled behind a motorbike with either one or two seats capable of holding 3-6 adults is the common methods of getting around Siem Reap.

It is possible to rent a dirt bike for a motorbike tour with a tour operator but other than that you are not allowed to rent motorbikes in Siem Reap. Why you may ask?

Two reasons the way we see it. One is to protect the touk touk from losing any business. There are many in fact too many touk touk's in Siem Reap and it appears the Governement wants to protect the business. A second possible reason is that driving here is not for the timid or inexperienced. People drive on both sides of the street and cut in front of you and do anything and everything they can to get to where they are going.

The photo below is of a touk touk and it's driver.

A comfortable and safe way of getting around Siem Reap and also affordable.

The problems you will discover if you new to town and have used a touk touk before are that they can take you to accommodations that you do not want to go as they earn a commission from the guesthouse. And they can offer to take you to massage or places of prostitution as again they will earn a commission from the establishments.

There are far too many touk touks during low season and I have to wait to see what it is like during busier high season. Walk twenty paces in any direction and you will hear once or more than once the following.. touk touk mister, where you going, you want massa, you want boom boom.

New Touk ToukNew Touk Touk
If you want to use a touk touk for getting around town or tours, best to find a driver you can trust, one that speaks English and one that will take you where you want to go and not to where they will earn commissions.
Our recommended touk touk in Siem Reap is Khinn and his email and phone number are:

By telephone
mobile no. : (855) 17 880 215

(if phoning long distance)

017 880 215

(if phoning locally)
By e-mail em_sokhin@yahoo.comm

em underscore

Note: Khinn speaks English well and picks from airport and bus terminals
and includes complentary bottled water

Give him a try when you visit Siem Reap
and he will make your trip more enjoyable.

Touk Touk

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